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Chapter 2 and 3: Caribe Mexico

sunny 30 °C
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Our first long-haul flight was extremely boring. Until we landed in Mexico City. In short, we had one hour to get the system (it´s as expected quite different from Gatwick and the like), find the ticketer, wait until he realizes what en electronic ticket is, get the tickets, find the boarding control, pass it, find the gate and then persuade (spelling??) the officer that the time of the flight on our tickets actually means another time and that our baggage will arrive with the earlier flight and therefore we need to get it etc.etc. And we made it!! Except that there were no places left on the plane :) Luckily, there was one more flight a few hours later so we spent some time sleaping and eating our first tacos. Our baggage was waiting for us in the corner of Cancun airport when we arrived at midnight.

Arrival to Cancun was our first (and so far probably the only one) shock. WEATHER. +30 and extremely humid at midnight was something we had never experienced and it took us a few days to get used to it.

From Cancun, we went straight to Playa del Carmen. Here we were on the white sandy beach with palm trees and ice cold pints of cocktails... The weather was still very hot and humid so we did NOTHING. What else can you do!! :) In general, Playa Car is very commercial so we were eager to head somewhere else.

So now our dear friends our first lesson learned: if you happen to be around here, SKIP PLAYA DEL CARMEN AND HEAD TO TULUM. An hour drive by bus but what a difference!! Tulum is a town about 15 mins drive from the beaches and looks much more like Mexico we were expecting to see (shame I can´t see USB on this PC so probably won´t be able to load any pictures this time). As for the beach.... it´s much wider, and looks so empty! There are basically no hotels, therefore no ´sun beds´or whatever they call them. The only available shade is palm trees. No water sports just one diving school and a fishermen´s boat here and there. The only accommodation is cabanas, most of them with no floors (so you sleep in hammocks or just camp)....and a couple of small bars to provide you with essential margaritas etc. (which by the way were fantastic, really generous ;) ) There even is an archeological site with some ruins but we did not manage to see them. No wonder this place attracts many travellers (backpackers rather than cruise ships), which gives it a great vibe as well.

If you were wondering, YES we are enjoying our trip very much and are eager to move on. Tomorrow we are leaving for Chetumal from where we will head to Belize. A bit more of Carribean sun :) We'll see you there!

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2 Skyrius. Karibu juros pakrante

sunny 30 °C

Musu pirmas transatlantinis skrydis praejo beveik gerai, bet su nuotykiu. Iki Mexico City baisiai nuobodziavom visas 11 valandu, nepadejo net kvailoki filmai. O Mexico City oro uoste begom. Tikejomes pagaut ankstesni lektuva i Cancuna (nes toki skrydi ir buvom nusipirke), bet turejom tik valanda, per kuria reikejo susigaudyt, kur uzsiregistruoti (pamirskit Gatwicko sistema!), palaukt, kol bilietinininininkas isikirs, kas yra elektroniniai bilietai, kur pereit bagazo kontrole, tada dar susirasti vartus ir itikinti kontroliuotojus, kad laikas, parasytas ant musu bilieto, neteisingas ir mes turim isest i ankstesni skrydi. Viskas pavyko! Tik neliko lektuve vietu. Todel dar pora valandu teko snausti oro uoste, uzkandus visai neblogu tacu.
Beje, atrodo teisus tie, kurie sako, kad zmones cia tokie paslaugus, kad net ir nezinodami krypties, rodys kur nors.....Sunku ir suskaiciuot, kiek kartu oro uost darbuotojai mums rode i skirtingas puses :)
Cancune lauke dar vienas sokas. ORAS. Meksiko City lijo ir atrode visai vesu, o cia......nusileidom vidurnakti, buvo +30....ir dregna kaip pirty.....kita ryta buvo tas pats....ir vakare....ir taip toliau. Mums pirma karta atsidurusiems tropiniam klimate buvo, svelniai tariant, idomu. Issigelbejimas - JURA. Na, aisku, dar baltas smelis, palmes ir t.t. Kelias dienas neveikem NIEKO. O ka galima veikt per toki ora!!
Apie Playa del Carmen. Modelis labai panasus i Palanga, todel is esmes neidomu. Viskas ziauriai vakarietiska. Beje, dabar interneto kavinej groja rusiska muzika.....Tatoo.
Tai jau ir trauksim. Sekanti stotele pakeliui i Beliza bus Tulum, kur netoli juros yra nedidukes piramides. Reikia begt i autobusa!!
Iki greito!!

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Chapter 1: Still Here

Hi Everyone,

this is our travel diary. We will be writing it for us as well as all of you who will spare a minute to come here and check what we are up to Out There.

'Out There' is Central and South America which we have been dreaming to visit. 'We' are Greta and Raymond, fellow travellers in various senses ;)

We are leaving soon, on June 19, and coming back just before Christmas. At the moment, you can only view our flight itinerary. The real travelling starts in Cancun (Mexico) and we plan to finish in Sao Paulo (Brazil).

We thank all of you for supporting our idea, encouraging us and wishing us the very best for our travels.

Come around - let's keep talking throughout our journey!

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1 Skyrius: Vis dar cia

sunny 25 °C


Cia bus musu keliones dienorastis.. Rasysim ne tik sau, bet ir visiems jums, kurie suras laisva minutele laiks nuo laiko cia uzsukti ir paziuret, ka mes veikiam Ten.

Ten - Centrine ir Pietu Amerika, sena musu abieju svajone. Mes - Greta ir Raimis, bendrakeleiviai ivairiom prasmem ;)

Islekiam jau greit, birzelio 19! Grisim pries Kaledas. Bandziau nupiest pradini plana..kol kas matosi tik skrydis. Tikra kelione prasides Cancune (Meksika), o baigt planuojam Sao Paulo (Brazilija).

Labai dekojam visiems, kurie palaike sia ideja, drasino ruosiantis ir islydi su geriausiais linkejimais. Uzsukit - pakalbesim kada ;)

Iki greito!!

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